Women at the top : a Schneider’s worker accounts

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« There are a few naturals that make women extremely effective leaders which include empathy & consensus building. Therefore, what I always tell young women is that they don’t need to act like men to grow in their careers, in fact they have an advantage over men with these skills to be more effective leaders ».

« Unfortunately Women at the Top are still statistically insignificant globally. While a rich source of women talent exists just below top management, women have become stuck in this layer because they tend to lack a sponsor at the top to advocate for them. Women are more uncomfortable using their work friendships to land a contract or an assignment while for men, those kinds of interactions tend to be second nature. Moving through the mid-level and into corporate boardrooms is still going to present a greater challenge to women. Maneuvering smoothly and successfully toward leadership positions requires a strategy through effective combination of educational qualifications ; business networking through leveraging a contact while increasing current contacts to include individuals that exercise power ».

« Women in leadership need to reach out and mentor younger women either through formal mentoring (if such programs exist within the organization)  or informal mentoring, to groom younger women with leadership potential. Approaching informal mentoring in the opposite fashion means reaching down through the ranks and give women the tools they need to move up into leadership ranks ».