Discover all the inputs from our Twitter Chat on Gender Diversity in Top Management: A Corporate Necessity

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Yesterday we had our third Twitter Chat* on « Gender Diversity in Top Management: A Corporate Necessity » in order to debate around 5 questions:

1. Please introduce yourself: name, organization, field of work and country.
2. According to your knowledge and experience, is gender diversity at executive committee level a competitive advantage for firms?
3. How can companies leverage gender diversity to drive innovation and performance?
4. Why does gender diversity at the top remain a challenge, and what are the effective measures to tackle it?
5. What is the role of regulatory action or governmental support for promoting diversity in management?
In order to have a rich discussion we invited experts to lead the debate:

– Marc Goergen (@marcgjg), Professor of finance at Cardiff Business School & Research Associate of European Corporate Governance Institute,  author, United Kingdom

– Odile Robotti (@DonneLeader), founder and MD at Learning Edge; Co-founder and president of MilanoAltruista and ItaliaAltruista; author and blogger; Italy

– Lubna Qassim (@LubnaQassim), Executive Vice President and Gp General Counsel, Emirates NBD; International speaker on governance and women leadership; lawyer; helping UAE achieve global success for more recognition, UAE

– Dai Le (@dai_le), Founder of DAWN, Grow culturally diverse leadership #thoughtdisrupter passionate #storyteller #culturepreneur #innovative #AsianAustralians #leadership,  Australia

– Cassandra Heilbronn (@LawyerCas), Senior Associate, Insurance and Corporate Risk, Minter Ellison, Australia

– Anne Thevent-Abitbol (@AnneThevenetAbi), Editorial and Art Director of EVE Program and Prospective and New Concepts VP at Danone, France

– Florence Datcharry-Sirven (@Flodsds), Director of the SNCF University, France

– Catherine Thibaux (@cathalapointe), Founder, Inter-Venir Consulting, France

A lot of key informations, tips and opinions have been shared on this issue. We made a Storify** to summing up all the tweets so you can capitalise on the inputs of this Twitter Chat.

Click here to see the Storify

We hope that you’ll join us for our next Twitter Chat in March on the occasion of the International Women’s Day .

*A Twitter Chat is a scheduled event that allows participants to engage on a topic using a designated hashtag on Twitter. A host/moderator guides the conversation (EVE Programme) and featured guests answer the questions (you!). Followers can participate by submitting questions or responding to our guests.

**A Storify is a social digital tool that allows you to look back on an event, blending together story-telling (as you would on a regular blog), curation (pulling product content from other sources: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and interaction (you are notified for example when your tweet is used on Storify).