Special Focus: Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Women in Asia

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To ensure sustainable, long-term growth, Asia needs to muster all its talents. However, different barriers persist and continue to hold women back from unleashing their full potential. Statistics from McKinsey’s « Women Matter: An Asian Perspective » report show that compared to the western world, the proportion of women in leadership positions is strikingly low in Asia.


How can we accelerate change to bridge the gender gap in the region? Do technology and new work patterns have a role to play? What strategies can organizations implement to attract and retain female talent in Asia?


On the occasion of the fourth EVE Program Asia-Pacific in Shanghai, experts and women leaders from the region share their experiences and bold ideas.


 Vishakha Desai, ‎Special Advisor for Global Affairs, Office of the President at Columbia University
Kathy Gong, Serial entrepreneur; Founder, ai.law; Founder, APEC Women Leadership Forum
 Su-Mei Thompson, CEO, The Women’s Foundation
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Anjun Zhou, PhD, Managing Director and Head of Multi-Asset Research, Mellon Capital Julie Broussard, Country Programme Manager, UN Women China Kalki Koechlin, Indian actress
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Virginia Tan, Founder and CEO, Lean In China
Jianbin Hao, Senior Expert at AliResearch, Alibaba Group and Adjunct Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University Diane Wang, Founder, DHGate.com; Chairwoman, APEC Women’s Forum
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