She Leads: News about women empowerment

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She Leads: News about women empowerment

Welcome to a new entry of our bi-monthly press review about women empowerment, featured on Instagram and our website. Below, you will find five stories we recommend. We hope you enjoy your read!

Upper Hand

Women May Suffer Less (and Benefit More) from Automation

Thanks to their higher education average and stronger presence in jobs requiring high social skills.

Source: The Conversation

Measuring Impact

Policies that Help Drive Gender Equality

Some countries score much higher on the scale of women’s economic participation and opportunity by the WEF.

Source: Bloomberg

Experience Risks

Women Are at Higher Risk of Age Discrimination

But practical steps can be taken to secure their positions and benefit from the experience they accumulate over time.

Source: Forbes

Lagging Behind

Germany Falls Behind in Female Leadership

France, Poland and Sweden rank higher when it comes to women in leadership positions at the workplace.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Catching Up

UK Companies Seek Solutions to Gender Pay Gap

After regulations compelled British firms to publish data on the big gender pay gap in most workplaces.

Source: The New York Times