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Welcome to a new entry of our bi-monthly press review about women empowerment, featured on Instagram and our website. Below, you will find five stories we recommend. We hope you enjoy your read!

Weighty Words

It Matters How We Describe Male and Female Leaders

A study looked at data from the US military to understand how an institution that has struggled for decades to eliminate gender bias in favor of meritocracy describes leaders, and what effects those descriptions have. Qualitative data revealed that the choice of words used in the descriptions may cement biases of men being more capable of leading.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Breaking Habits

A Woman is the New Head of the New York Stock Exchange

Stacey Cunningham is the first female president in the 226-year history of the

institution. She was already the CEO of the NYSE.

Nasdaq Inc., another of the world’s most renowned stock-exchange operators is also headed by a woman, Adena Friedman, since January last year.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Shaming into Action

How UK Firms Justify Lack of Female Leadership

To prompt change, a list of the worst excuses by company leaders was made public by government officials.

Source: The New York Times

Changing the Game

Succeed in Male-Dominated Industries

The Ellevest CEO and COO highlight benefits of female leadership and suggest ways to balance the playing field.

Source: Forbes

Gender Gap

Single Mothers in Japan Face Complex Future

With the highest rate of single mother poverty in the developed world, Japan faces challenges to empower women at work.

Source: The Conversation