She Leads: News about women empowerment

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Welcome to a new entry of our bi-monthly press review about women empowerment, featured on Instagram and our website. Below, you will find five stories we recommend. We hope you enjoy your read!

Key Headstart

When Women Outperform Men in the Career Ladder

Two recent studies point out that women who are able to overcome early challenges at work, reap more career rewards than their male peers.

Source: The Washington Post

Untapped Potential

India Stands to Grow Much if More Women Work

The IMF estimates India would be 27% richer if it rebalanced its workforce.

Source: The Economist



Stressful Expectations

Striving for “Normal” Lives Can Be Harmful to Women’s Health

Three authors looked at the unhealthy effects for women of constantly trying to live up to social expectations.

Source: The Conversation

Financial Advise

Women May Benefit from Retiring Later

Women tend to live longer than men, but to earn less. Yet,  women retire sooner. Working longer might be financially sound.

Source: The New York Times

Confidence in Equality

Downplaying Gender Can Benefit Women

Women felt more confidence when they focused on similarities and not differences  between genders, a study found.

Source: Harvard Business Review