Return from Evian : highlights from EVE 2013

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The fourth edition of the EVE Program was held in Evian from September 30th to October 3rd. It was just as intense as in previous years, keeping all its promises: the quality of speakers, a perfect setting and a unique atmosphere.

The 320 EVE participants who joined the EVE network this year were clearly not disappointed to have made the journey to the Haute-Savoie region. And there was a good reason to be so enthusiastic on site and to go back home spurred on by this adventure that was more inspiring than ever…


Feedback from the highlights of EVE 2013.



A very “EVE” atmosphere right from the start

Participants at the EVE 2013 edition arrived with high expectations in Evian on the evening of September 30th. Many of them had heard about the seminar either through colleagues who had already had the pleasure of attending, or because they already followed the blog, our Twitter feed and/or our Facebook page.

Above all, a warm and friendly atmosphere and an open-minded attitude had been promised. And this atmosphere was established right from the first day by all concerned. At the breakfast table, during breaks and meals, but also during workshops, they got straight into spirit of the event, chatting away to each other at every opportunity, sharing their experiences and their feelings, giving of themselves with incredible generosity.



Plenary sessions steeped in inspiration

Just like every year, EVE plenary sessions dazzled participants. Certainly when the brilliant and charismatic Joanna Barsh is the one to get things started and when the captivating and invigorating Thomas d’Ansembourg wraps things up, while the real showman and adventurer Mike Horn comes on in the middle, along with the colorful presentation of Jean-Edouard Grésy on cooperation, the passionate restitution of work on stereotypes with Valérie Rocoplan and augmented management with Dominique Turcq, coupled with powerfully emotional testimonies from Claire Gibault and Iman Bibars and the excellent recommendations of Tal Ben-Shahar on positive leadership, there really are plenty of good reasons to come out of it all bursting with inspiration!

EVE participants also appreciated that their companies, through the voices of the Wise Committee and their leaders, had made good on all their commitments to professional equality, women in leadership and more generally, sustainable and responsible management.

Finally, EVE 2013 participants were very pleasantly surprised to welcome as a special gust, the French Minister for Women’s Rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. She was introduced by Muriel Pénicaud, the producer of the EVE Program and VP Human Resources for Danone, and gave honest and direct answers to the various questions asked by EVE participants. A real highlight for all the participants in our seminar!



Workshops for the mind and the heart

Between plenary sessions, EVE participants were again treated to a program of small group workshops which enabled them to look deeper into the ideas tackled in plenary sessions, but also to take a look at their place in the world and how they approach it through alternative channels (conscious meditation, sophrology, singing, t’ai chi chu’an, and even an outdoor physical course!).



The EVE adventure goes on…

On Thursday, October 3rd, after a final meal (during which conversations were already being had about balancing work and private life in very concrete terms) each participant packed up their suitcase to return that same evening to their families and rejoin their teams the next morning. The time had come for EVE 2013 participants to share with their family and friends about how EVE has changed them and to expand best practices to ensure balanced leadership.


To help them in this undertaking, the EVE network to which they now belong is available all year round for their use : for them to exchange their thoughts and ideas on our private LinkedIn group, to follow all the news about women in leadership on our Twitter feed, to join us on Facebook and of course to follow this blog, which is designed to be a daily continuation of thought, debate, inspiration and respiration and an opportunity for the participants themselves and their companies to discuss the ideas tackled during the event.


Save the date! We are meeting in June for the Garden Party with all the alumni from previous editions of EVE! We can’t wait…


Many thanks to all of you!


Marie Donzel and Marisa Guevara