Activia INSYNC Initiative: a movement to achieve your balance and develop your potential

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ATTITUDE: Where do you draw your inner strength?

46% of women acknowledge that self-criticism is the main obstacle in the development of their potential.

58% say that the feeling of not having the right skills has prevented them from committing to a new project.

62% think that self-criticism curbs their personal fulfillment.

85% would like to transform this high personal standard into an asset.


Start listening to your “inner voice”

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These figures come from a massive survey carried out by Google and Danone called the “Global Web Index”, involving 15,000 women from around the world. The results were explained by experts including Ellen Langer, a social psychology professor at Harvard and the author of several books on the ideas of “mindfulness” and “mindful learning”.

She believes that this little voice inside our heads drives us to modify our behavior and the image we have of ourselves. It impacts our self-esteem, as well as the image we convey to others, in our professional, personal and family relationships… It is therefore essential to change our interaction with this inner advisor, which can not only make us feel guilty and prevent us from moving forward but can also provide strength and stimulate our potential.

Become a player for change, to restore your balance

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Creating a harmonious dialogue with your inner voice helps you to boost your confidence, be more easily assertive and accumulate the energy you need to face the various situations in life.

But how can you build and foster this new relationship with yourself, while staying true to your aspirations, values, and emotions? By taking the lead role in your own balance and listening to yourself and your environment.

It is also about establishing an atmosphere of sharing and solidarity: each woman must be able to count on the others to inspire her and give her energy.

InSync Initiative: We are all ambassadors


So with this intention, and at the instigation of Activia, the INSYNC Initiative has now been created. It is a worldwide movement open to women from all backgrounds who aspire to achieve balance in their life and fulfill their potential.

In order to do this, INSYNC Initiative has created a huge community of accessible ambassadors. These are women who have been successful in the fields of dance, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, sport, culture, business, and art. They convey their vision of balance and ambition, and share their secrets about how to find harmony in everyday experiences. These are women, just like each one of us, who, when they feel “in sync” with themselves, can achieve their full potential.

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