Join Anne Thevenet-Abitbol to the Unfinished Festival

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EVE Programme co-founder and Editorial & Art Director, Anne Thevenet Abitbol is known as a reference in the field of female leadership but also in innovation. She is frequently requested to speak in big events and share her peculiar ways of working in a big company as well as tips about sustainable creativity. Her range of realizations run from marketing to HR concepts and she often takes, as an example, the organic yogurts brand Les 2 Vaches, the brand new range The Danone of the World and, of course the EVE and Octave Programs.

Meet her on September 28 in the Unfinished Festival 2018, in Romania, which brings together world innovators, artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs and change makers across all disciplines to exchange ideas. Unfinished is convinced that “making the world a more conscious place is a continuous work in progress”. 

Anne will speak about her innovations which always mix business impact and societal utility, what she calls “creativity with a conscience”. More particularly she will show how EVE, Octave et Noé help to build enlightened leaders, able to bring positive change in their organization, in a contagious way.

Then she will be back to Evian to welcome the new participants of the 9th edition of EVE international next week.