EVE International 2018: highlights from the third day of the seminar

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Inspired by the plenary sessions and energized by the workshops over the first two days and by the evening dance & networking session, participants approached the final session of the EVE experience on October 4 with great enthusiasm.

Dare to act, dare to give, with Chékéba Hachemi

No sooner had they left the morning’s workshops than this year’s EVE participants returned the Grange au Lac to hear Chékéba Hachemi’s presentation. Her poignant testimony was that of a woman who fled to France from her native Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, and who founded the association Afghanistan Libre that strives to promote education, health, safety, security, and empowerment for women around the world. She is also responsible for the creation of Guide des Expertes, a comprehensive directory of women who are specialists in their field and are eager to share their knowledge with the media, so that it’s no longer possible for women to be under-represented by broadcasters whom claim that they “looked for competent women, but we couldn’t find any.” They are there, on the stage at EVE, and all around us.

Be yourself, be real with Thomas d’Ansembourg

The grand finale was presented by Thomas d’Ansembourg, the renowned speaker on Non-Violent Communication and Conscious Communication. His approach involves developing a sustainable ecology in relationships, and is based on knowledge and self-respect. Let’s stop being nice and start being real! exclaims Thomas d’Ansembourg: let’s develop the ability for inner change, made up of strong self-esteem and a reinforced ability to accept difference and make a positive impact on our immediate and more global surroundings. And let’s dare to get closer to other people and find out what we’re really made of!

After EVE, EVE goes on

The 9th edition of EVE International is ending… But it’s just the beginning for the 380 attendees who have joined the community of 3,200 change makers that will now dare to act within their organizations.