“Les rendez-vous d’EVE”: encouraging balanced leadership among Danoners

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The EVE community is more than 4,500 people who have been lucky enough to take part in EVE seminars since the Program began in 2010, with extensions in the Asia-Pacific zone in 2013 and Africa in 2017. But it goes well beyond that: the community encompasses tens of thousands of people who keep up with news about diversity and balanced leadership issues through our Webmagazine. It also includes those who benefit indirectly from seminar content when EVE participants share what that they have learned during the main event.

Now Danone wants to take this even further: under the stewardship of Anne Thevenet-Abitbol and Valérie Angliviel de la Beaumelle-Amalou, the company responsible for creating the EVE Program has now launched “Les rendez-vous d’EVE”, a six-session internal program at Danone designed to train its female employees on the issues regarding women’s leadership. The sessions, provided by EVE speakers and big names in the field of personal development, will each include a conference and an interactive workshop. The pilot for this program is being held in Saint-Ouen, with live broadcasts in Danone’s other French offices and factories.


The first “Les rendez-vous d’EVE” session was held on February 5, 2019, with keynote speaker Myriam Cohen-Welgrym, EVE presenter and author of “Et tu oseras sortir du cadre (Daring to be different). Nearly 200 people attended, and came out of the inspiring and uplifting event brimming with enthusiasm.