On March 8 (and all year round), Danone strives for inclusion and diversity

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Promoting women’s rights, equality and the values of gender diversity, isn’t just an annual event! Through our membership in the UN Program HeForShe, Danone is committed to equality and diversity all year round. There are 300 ambassadors for diversity in the global network known as LEAD (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity); in India, the Danone Women in India (DAWN) network strives to empower women and improve business culture by making it more inclusive; in the United States, LIFT (Leading and Inspiring Female Talent) promotes and strengthens women’s leadership; in France, Les Rendez-Vous d’EVE are meetings for employees at Danone’s headquarters with the best speakers on gender diversity, balanced leadership and personal development. All these initiatives, combined with an HR policy that homes in on fair treatment and equal opportunities, took Danone into the Bloomberg charts this year, a list of the highest-achieving companies in terms of professional equality.

Danone’s commitment to women also extends through its brands, such as Bonafont in Mexico, which promotes HeForShe on its packaging, and Front Vella waters, which support the platform Eres Impulso in Spain, to promote social impact projects led by women.