EVE International 2019: highlights from the third day at the seminar

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Inspired by plenaries and energized by workshops over the first two days, participants attended the final part of the EVE experience on October 3, 2019.


Dare to take action, dare to give, with Chekeba Hashemi

After the morning workshops, EVE participants headed back to the Grange au Lac to hear from Shekéba Hachemi. She told the harrowing story of how she fled her native Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion and went on to create Afghanistan libre, an organization that strives to promote education, health, safety, security and empowerment for women all over the world. She is also one of the masterminds behind the Guide des Expertes, a comprehensive directory of women who are able to talk about current affairs in the media: so that no one can ever reply to the problem of under-representation in panel experts with: “We looked for competent women, but we didn’t find any!”


Dare to be yourself, dare to be real, with Thomas d’Ansembourg

The seminar’s grand finale was Thomas Ansembourg, a world-famous speaker on Conscious and Nonviolent Communication. This approach is about developing a relational ecology that lasts, by knowing and respecting your own self. “Let’s stop being nice, and start being real,” recommends Thomas d’Ansembourg, echoing the title of his international bestseller. He encouraged participants to develop and transform their inner selves, to boost their self esteem and enhance their ability to welcome difference and have a positive impact on the world around them, and the world as a whole. So, now we can all DARE to get closer to other people and get to know ourselves better!

EVE isn’t over yet

The tenth EVE International seminar is drawing to a close… But for the 450 participants this is just the beginning of an adventure into changing mindsets, to change the world. They will now join the 3650-strong community of change makers who are already able to make things happen in new and exciting ways from inside their own companies.

In their role as “change makers”, EVE participants can draw on what they’ve learned on the program all throughout the year. Because EVE isn’t just a (magical) three-day seminar, it’s also a webmagazine packed with articles, insightful interviews, videos, and podcasts; it’s online networks and the “Meet & Learn” event, workshops and conference sessions with alumni from the other two leadership programs that can be considered as brothers of EVE: Octave, which looks at intergenerational issues in the digital age and Noah, which deals with sustainable social innovation.