A closer look: Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs”

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Motivation is one of the keys to maintaining a high quality commitment to a company. Knowing how to identify employees’ needs can help managers make the right decisions to motive them. Several theories have been put forward in an effort to get to grips with this source of human “strength”, including the “hierarchy of needs” developed by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. Let’s take a closer look at it what it really is, how it is used, and how it has been criticized.

Dare to Lead Like a Girl by Dalia Feldheim

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Discover the TedTalk from Dalia Feldheim, speaker at EVE Asia. She courageously made passion her edge and strives to bring her purpose and passion into work every day with her commitment to women empowerment and she is proud director of the awardwinning women-empowerment campaigns- AlwaysLikeAGirl global, and TouchThePickle India.

Asking the Right Questions

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“Are you well?”A simple question. Three words. Yet one of the biggest changes Steven Macgregor has witnessed in the midst of The Great Reset has been “well” replacing the previous stalwart of opening small talk, “busy.” Let’s have look at his article!

Younger generations are more equal. Discuss

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80% of 18-30 year olds believe that their generation is less sexist than previous generations. The editorial staff at the EVE wemagazine looked into whether young people today do indeed take a more equal approach than their elders…

What is eco-feminism?

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We have two key issues on our agenda today: women and the environment, and we’re looking to see if there could be a connection between the two.
The approach taken by the ecofeminism movement interconnects the challenges of women’s empowerment with the challenges of environmental protection. But what is the ecofeminist movement really about? How did it get started? Who are its followers and figureheads? How does it make a difference? And what criticism has it drawn? The EVE webmagazine team takes a closer look.