Loubna Ksibi

Co-founder of Meet My Mama

Loubna Ksibi is the founder of Meet My Mama, the food start-up with a social impact which enables women, known as “Mamas”, to make a living from their talent for cooking and to play a key role in society as a sustainable response to food challenges.

She studied at the Télécom Ecole de Management, before joining Paris Dauphine University. While she was still a student, she founded Meet My Mama in 2017 with Donia Amamra and Youssef Oudahman.

Meet My Mama is an ethical caterer and training school. It has supported more than 200 Mamas, attracted 1,500 client companies, and held more than 2,000 events.

A former member of the French national digital council (CNNum) and a serving member of the board of directors at Mouvement Impact France, Loubna is committed to developing the social and solidarity economy. She has received several awards and distinctions for her work, including being named one of the Forbes Europe 30 under 30.