Elsa Poirier

Managing Director YOGIST Singapore

Coming from a Business Law background, Elsa holds an MBA in International Management. After working 5 years for Microsoft, Elsa arrived to Singapore in 2013 to lead the APAC consulting division of a Swiss firm, managing a team across 7 countries. Elsa appreciated Yoga benefits in this highly demanding working environment since uncovering it was a very powerful management tool for her as well as for her team. In 2018, she trained with Anne-Charlotte Vuccino, the founder of YOGIST. After UK and Brazil, they decided to launch YOGIST Singapore, the first Corporate Yoga© start up in Singapore. A corporate oriented method to bring yoga to the workplace as a health prevention and management tool for employees and business leaders. Member of the French Chamber of Commerce, Elsa leads conferences for the largest Insurance and IT Corporations. Elsa is a certified Yoga Teacher, and has graduated from Singapore Management University in Mindfulness for stress management in the workplace.