Laurence Ma

Vice president of L’Oréal China & General manager of Luxury Division

I am very lucky to be almost the ONLY one who worked in one brand in one country for more than 24 years in L’Oréal group worldwide…  Thanks to the exciting 24.5 years on Lancôme China, I witnessed the development of luxury cosmetics market in China from an infant to a giant.  It is with love and gratefulness that I came this far.  I love my brand as she taught me the value of life, I love my job as it is refreshing every day, I love the people around me as they are what I really care.  I am grateful to my parents as they gave me the Genes of being passionate and resilient, I am grateful to L’Oréal as she always trusted me, I am grateful to my family as they gave me the drive, I am grateful to my colleagues as they always supported me, I am grateful to myself as I know I worked hard!