The EVE Program’s origin


In 2009, women in Danone realised their co-responsibility in the existence of the glass ceiling.
Women need to take more risks themselves to move upwards in the company.
Therefore, Danone took the initiative in 2010 to organize an intercompany leadership seminar for women and “enlightened” men. 



– Because she was the first woman, a player for change.
– Because it is about awakening and evolution.
– Because the event takes place in Evian each year.



1. An intercompany program

An international program designed by Danone and supported by L’Oréal, Orange, Caisse des Dépôts group, SNCF, Crédit Agricole, KPMG and Société Générale. 

The intercompany atmosphere encourages people to let go and helps to foster essential discussions.

2. Two levers for action: the individual and the organization


A seminar that aims to help build strong and inspiring individuals who will drive change throughout the company. 

3. A powerful motto

“Be yourself
and unleash
your potential”


A leadership seminar based on the idea that being yourself and being stimulated is the best way to improve your performance and be a player for change. 


4. The community


350 participants and speakers spending three days together in the same place. 

Over 5,900 women and men are trained and inspired since 2010. More than 50 nationalities brought together in community to share best pratices and other points of common interest. 


5. A HR Think Tank


It aims to share and diffuse best practices, lead the network of alumni and forge ties between editions of the EVE Program. 

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6. A program that exports well

Danone and L’Oréal have decided to create a regional edition in Asia-Pacific to help dealing with the talent war. The 10th edition of EVE will take place in Phuket, from 2024 July 2nd to July 4th.

In 2024, Danone and L’Oréal are launching the fifthth edition of EVE Africa to empower African women in Accra (Ghana) from January 30th to February 1st.

Common points with the EVE Program international : same theme, same target, same tempo and same content. There will be a regional adaptation in the choice of the speakers.

7. The results


In 2023, the 13th and 14th editions of Eve International worked its magic once more with an overal program score of 9,3/10.

For the ninth edition of Eve Asia Pacific, the overal program score was 9,1/10. 

The fourth edition of EVE Africa was a real success with a score of 9/10.




Three sections, starting with yourself and moving towards others:

Dare to be yourself: center yourself, trust yourself and bring out your talents 

Optimize your relationships with others in your professional and personal life

Be stimulated through original leadership experiences 



For committed companies who believe that women leadership contributes to their global performance and their culture.

For managers, both men and women, who aspire to enlightened leadership 
Level of experience : from rising talents to experienced managers
1/3 directors
1/3 managers
1/3 high potentials
40% internationals
20% men

The seminar is in English and French.




Those who have experienced EVE return to their companies enchanted. And perhaps forever transformed by the spirit of boldness that the seminar instills in them.

Find inspiring testimonies by following the “Those Who Dared” series. Retrouvez les témoignages inspirants de la série “Those Who Dared” (Ils / Elles ont osé): Alessandra Magione, GM of Essie (EVE International 2011) Julie Caredda, Partner Data & Analytics at KPMG Consulting France (EVE International 2010), Veranita Yosephine, Sales Director at Danone Waters Indonesia (EVE 2015), Laurent Venot, Global General Manager for the L’Oréal group Supply Chain (EVE International 2011), Aude Barth, VP Voice of customers & Voice of Orange People at Orange group (EVE International 2014), Caroline Nicaise, Director of Communication, Innovation & CRS at Crédit Agricole Assurances (EVE International 2010), Christine Lagrée, Digital Transformation Director with the Caisse des Dépôts group (EVE International 2013) and David Brainville, Executive Manager Train Drivers Lorraine at SNCF group.  

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