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Episode 4: Tal Ben-Shahar, Author and Lecturer on Positive Psychology

Listen to our EVE Podcast with Tal who explains us what is positive psychology, optimism and neurology, 3 key ingredients to cultivate your hapiness and your success!

Episode 8 : Juliann Liu, Coach and Mindfulness trainer

Listen to our EVE Podcast with Juliann Liu who invites us to discover techniques and mindsets that can help us be in better tune with ourselves and the people around us.

Episode 15 : Margie Warrell, Bestselling Author, Founder of Global Courage

Listen to our EVE & Octave Podcast with Margie Warrell. In a thought-provoking conversation, Margie shares her insights on courage and the many ways we can be a bit braver every day, so that the next time we have to take a leap we are ready.

Currently other available episodes are in French. Please stay tuned for our upcoming episodes in English


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