The Power of No with Non Violent Communication

Anissa Vermeil de Conchard

Why is it so hard for us to say NO in a society where saying YES is valued? What’s the price for saying YES when we don’t fully mean it? How can we learn to say NO without regret or fear and feel empowered? One of the angles of Non Violent Communication® (NVC) is to understand that saying YES when we don’t really want to has an impact on our personal and professional growth, and ultimately on our health and wellbeing. More than just a tool or process, NVC is a way of living which helps us become conscious of what is fundamental to us so as to be aligned with our deepest aspirations. It also allows us to understand what is essential to others in order to develop healthy and long-lasting relationships where everyone’s needs can be met. During this interactive session, you will learn about shifting from winlose paradigms in order to maximize your chances of reaching win-win outcomes.