Did you know that EVE had two little brothers? Discover the whole leadership programs’ family

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The EVE Program, Be yourself and unleash your potential


In 2010, the EVE Program was born. It’s a women leadership program based on an original idea by Danone. The idea is to help them boost their self-confidence and help companies, men for the most part, become aware of the difficulties that women encounter as well as the alternative approaches they take to their work. In 2014, Danone and L’Oréal decided to launch an Asia-Pacific edition to provide a better response to the talent war in that area. And this year we are launching an edition in Africa to help women breaking the glass ceiling. https://www.eveprogramme.com/en/

The Octave Program, Be Yourself and be part of a changing world

In 2012, after the success of the EVE Program, we launched the little brother, Octave, which is an intercompany “Culture & Change” program designed to tackle the transformation that businesses that need to go through in the digital era, focusing on the experiences of all generations. This program aims to raise awareness and boost confidence, to become a key player in a changing world. http://programmeoctave.com/en/


The Noé Program, Create the future you want to see in the world

And finally, Noé, born in 2014. This program is a sustainable innovation seminar designed for companies to help them invent the offers, economic models and brands of tomorrow. 150 intrapreneurs are brought together for three days to focus on one vision: “Create the future you want to see in the world”. It was co-created based on an original idea by Utopies, Danone and Greg Bernarda Strategy Design, in partnership with Strategyzer and Nod-A. http://programmenoe.com/en/


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