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Welcome to a new entry of our bi-monthly press review about women empowerment, featured on Instagram and our website. Below, you will find five stories we recommend. We hope you enjoy your read!

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Changing the Law

An Appeal to Let Women Work

Legally, over 2.7 billion women do not have the same work opportunities as men, according to a new report by the World Bank. Its CEO Kristalina Georgieva calls for a reform of the laws that can change this.

Source: Forbes



Jarring Words

Women Experience More Incivility At Work


Incivility lowers work performance and detracts employees’ loyalty to their company, resulting in well-being and financial losses. Research suggests those being more uncivil to women at work are – other women.

Source: Harvard Business Review


Conventional Image

Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman?

In most people’s minds, the word “leader” summons up a male figure, suggests a study by Tina Kiefer from the University of Warwick, underscoring how much harder it is for women to be seen as leaders at the workplace.

Source: The New York Times


Queen Victory by Alexander Bassano

Unwanted Memorial

Do We Still Need Women’s History Month?

“We cannot hope to lay claim to the future if we don’t start owning the past.”, says Historian Nancy Goldstone. She argues forgoing a Women’s History Month is a part of it.

Source: Times





Belinda Johnson by BCorn MarketingDiv

Future Leaders

These Women COOs Could Rise to CEOs

Some of the biggest and most promising tech companies right now –Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram–have female COOs. Will their boards trust them to be their next CEOs?

Source: Fortune