How empathy Empowers Me and We

Juliann Liu

Empathy is now considered as the one key quality of a great leader. It is one of the essential capacity and personality traits that every leader who assumes great responsibility must have (Forbes). Empathy is not about being nice, but about being authentic. Empathy is not about being sensitive, but about being present. Empathy is not about sympathy, but about respect. Empathy is not about giving advice, but about admitting “I don’t know you, but I want to understand you. Empathy is the intention and ability to feel and understand feelings of self and others. People with real empathy know how to use it in right moment at right place. They have higher self-confidence and higher quality of relations. They create conditions and environment for people to feel safe, be trusted, dare to care and to be vulnerable with each other, and love the job they do. Great leaders use empathy to empower self and empower others. This world, especially today in this particular time, needs leaders with quality of empathy. Empathy can be learned and trained. It is never too late to learn and train your empathy as a leader, parent, woman or man.