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Welcome to a new entry of our bi-monthly press review about women empowerment, featured on Instagram and our website. Below, you will find five stories we recommend. We hope you enjoy your read!


Repelling Women

Language Affects Women’s Job Application Choices Research suggests that language plays a big role in determining how inclusive (and likely to attract female candidates) a job advertisement is.

Source: BBC

Gender Gap

Could Artificial Intelligence Improve Gender Equity?

Though the effects of AI on the job market are often debated, its effects on the gender gap are often left out. Two researchers argue, if done right, automation can help reduce gender inequalities.

Source: The Conversation

Wish List

PwC Takes a Step towards more Gender Equal Hiring

The consulting firm PwC is now banning all-male shortlists in the UK in an effort to narrow the gender pay gap revealed by the data large firms in Britain recently made public.

Source: BBC

Teen Gap?

The Gender Pay Gap Begins Before Adulthood

The gender pay gap starts even before adulthood. With timely education, parents can help teens prepare to tackle this issue and overcome barriers to equal employment opportunities.

Source: The Washington Post

Missing Motherlode

Women Pay Heavily at Work for Having Children

A report by the Social Market Foundation (SMF) parenthood can lead women to earn a fifth less than men, pointing towards the need for legislation and company policies to work on creating greater balance in how men and women share parenting responsibilities.

Source: The Huffington Post