Juliann Liu

Human Ecology Facilitator and Wellbeing Coach

Juliann Liu is a unique well-being coach integrating Western knowledge with Eastern wisdom and practice to enhance leader’s Quality of Being. She is a facilitator on Authentic Leadership based on the approach of Human Ecology. Her background includes 8 years of supply-chain management in Decathlon across China and France. She had to take a career break due to her health crisis. By striving from this period for 5 years, she transformed her suffering into a life-changing experience. Since 2013, she began conducting workshops and trainings on self-empowerment, wellbeing, mindfulness and empathy. Additionally, she provides wellbeing coaching sessions tailored for leaders, emphasising self-practice to foster autonomy. She is certified in Empathic coaching, Wellbeing coaching, Authentic Leadership trainer, System Constellation facilitator, also with 2 golden medals in the Shanghai Tai Chi Tournament and certification as a yoga teacher.