Tal Ben-Shahar

Author and Lecturer on The Science of Happiness

Tal Ben-Shahar is an author and lecturer who taught the most popular course at Harvard University on Positive Psychology, and the university’s third most popular course on The Psychology of Leadership —with a total of more than 1,400 students. Tal consults and lectures around the world to executives in multi-national corporations, the general public, and at-risk populations. Topics include leadership, ethics, happiness, self-esteem, resilience, goal setting, and mindfulness. He is the author of the new books “Happier, No Matter What: Cultivating Hope, Resilience, and Purpose in Hard Times” and “Happiness Studies”. He is also the author of “The Joy of Leadership”, “Choose the Life You Want” and The New York Times bestseller “Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment”. Tal is the Co-founder of Potentialife and the Happiness Studies Academy. He created the world’s first Master’s Degree in Happiness Studies. An avid sportsman, Tal won the U.S. Intercollegiate and Israeli National squash championships. He earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology from Harvard.