Review of the third day of the #EVE2016 seminar

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The third and final day of #EVE opened with a new session of workshops after which the participants converged one last time at the Grange au Lac to attend the seminar’s closing plenaries.


The Ubuntu way: an inspiration for new models of economic performance and social progress
Swaady Martin

Swaady Martin

Swaady Martin, Founder and CEO of a socially responsible group of brands operating in Africa, was present to share her entrepreneurial journey. After holding a management position at General Electric Co., in 2010 she launched into the production and distribution of Rwandan and Malawian teas of exceptional quality, creating a convergence between the luxe and Ubuntu values.

This sub-Saharan African concept that is often resumed by the proverbial ‘I am because we are’, embraces the idea of fraternity, presence in the world and ethical rigour and generosity. A highly inspiring alternative entrepreneurial lesson that takes a fresh look at channel performance management and equitably sharing success.


Non-Violent Communication, the ecology of human relationships
Thomas d'Ansembourg

Thomas d’Ansembourg

The delicate task of carrying out ‘the grand finale’ for the seventh edition of EVE fell to Thomas d’Ansembourg.

Encouraging all those present to focus inwards to better understand and respect their inner nature so that they can become more considerate and more attuned to the inner nature of others and thus, have a more positive impact on their environment.

Thomas thrilled the assembly with his tongue-in-cheek storytelling and exquisite expressions – giving a higher sense to our existence to finally stop being nice and start being REAL!


# EVE2016 has come to a close, EVE the adventure continues
L'équipe EVE

L’équipe EVE

And now, the seventh EVE seminar has come to a close. But this is only the beginning of the adventure for the 300 participants who join a movement that now totals 2,300 men and women carrying the torch of change.

EVE continues with its web magazine, of course, and on all of our networking tools

EVE also continues as partners in companies within which the EVEians; individuals that are now more conscious, enlightened and prepared in responsible and sustainable leadership, will promote and spread the insights gleaned at the seminar.

EVE will continue further, through all the activities that the Programme conducts, providing the community with opportunities to meet and prolong this period of reflection, sharing and action: studies, cross-mentoring … because the party continues.


Marie Donzel

Translation : Tammy Hassain