Women in Leadership, a training for women who want to develop their career.

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Interview with Siska Lund, Senior Corporate Counsel, Pacific Zone-Australia and Women in Leadership’s participant

This year Schneider Electric is moving ahead in promoting gender balance with the implementation in its 3 regions of a training program for talented women, called Women in Leadership.

Held in China and Spain in the first half of the year 2012 and in October in the US, it aims at supporting and developing young women in their career through a 3 days session of workshops and exchanges around the dimensions of leadership, how to build a network, demystifying emotions, in a fun and international environment.

Let’s have a look at the feedback of one of the participants to the first session in China:

Siska Lund, Senior Corporate Counsel, Pacific Zone-Australia and Women in Leadership’s participant

Siska Lund, Senior Corporate Counsel, Pacific Zone-Australia : “The program exceeded my expectations. The program instructors were excellent ; they not only sharpened my mind but they also sharpened my heart and my soul and got me to think about my identity and place in the world. The program was very well structured and focused on self-evaluation and developing leadership skills. I felt very connected in the program – with the instructors and with the other Schneider participants. I formed bonds with other Schneider women that I will continue to develop and strengthen well after the program.

After the program, I feel more prepared to approach the challenges of leadership and mentoring. I am also much clearer on the sort of impact I want to leave on other people, and the world in general. It was easy to get to know the other Schneider participants and to interact with them and by the end of the program, we were all belonging to a warm, personal and friendly group.

I am very impressed that Schneider is dedicated to its message of fostering women leadership potential ; gender difference really can be a strategic lever to further develop any business and it’s great to see that Schneider is keenly aware of this and taking real steps to tap into this enormous pool of talent. I look forward to growing and developing further and to fulfilling my goals and career aspirations and I am very grateful to Schneider for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

For more information regarding the program, please contact Isabelle Michel-Magyar, Employees Engagement & Diversity VP at isabelle2.michel-magyar@schneider-electric.com