Career Equality: To Get There, Use Evidence-Based Management

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Nearly half of all S&P 500 employees are women, but they only hold 37% of first or mid-level management positions and less than 6% are CEOs. Although more women are now in senior management roles than ever before, the pipeline to the top is still leaky, meaning that the number of women who get to leadership positions does not reflect the proportion of women further down the ranks.

Tearing Down Gender Barriers in Africa: Women Leaders Are Key

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The central role of female empowerment in development priorities reflects a shift towards a global consciousness recognizing the urgency of reducing gender inequality, both economically and politically. Nayé Bathily explains what ways are the most effective to improve gender equality, empower women and eradicate poverty.

Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap

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Part 1: The relationship between women and money is very lopsided. While women are the world’s most powerful consumers today, we earn, control, and invest significantly less than men. What makes overcoming financial barriers so challenging for women, even after all these years of increasing equality in various fields?