Special focus: health at the workplace

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To mark this international women’s day, the EVE Programme shares insightful perspectives on a crucial subject: health at the workplace.

As women juggle different responsibilities in their lives, stress and other work-related complications can take a toll. What are some major concerns around health at the workplace? What can be done to solve them? What can help women strike a better balance between ​their personal and professional lives? Read on to learn more!


How Working on Your Inner Balance Can Help you Perform Better at Work – Interview with Juliann Liu

In this interview, originally ​published as an EVE podcast episode, Juliann Liu tells us about how tai chi and human ecology can help balance our relationship to work


A Good Ally for Workplace Productivity? Getting Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety can keep us from being efficient at work. We’re so busy worrying that we have no mental space to act. Deb Knobleman addresses this issue and offers precious advice.


How Mental Wellness Can Help Prevent Burnout, Anxiety and Work-Related Conditions

Burnout, depression and other mental health conditions are more common than you might think. Linea Johnson tells us about what can be done to prevent these conditions from arising and how to address them when they do.