Arielle Kitio Tsamo

Founder & Director of the Cameroon Youth School Tech Incubator (CAYSTI)

Arielle Kitio Tsamo, Margaret Prize 2019 of the African Digital Woman, has received from the Cameroonian government in 2019, the National Award of Excellence for Youth, awarded to the best technology entrepreneur in Cameroon. She received the TechWomen Award 2016 awarded by the US State Department. This doctoral student in software engineering is also the ambassador of the Einstein Forum in Cameroon. To her credit, the training of nearly 6 800 children mainly in creativity, tech innovation coding, robotics and artificial intelligence. The educational tools (including abcCode developed by her organization are now certified by the African Union through Handbook Education 2018 and ranked among the top 10 technological innovations for Education by UNESCO in ICT. She just launched the global movement – competition “Coder en Français (”, “Code in African Languages” with the support of La Francophonie, MasterCard Foundation and UNESCO.