Jean-Edouard Grésy

Founding Partner of AlterNego

In 20 % of situations where a shared decision needs to be made, there is no positive outcome because some parties block cooperation. These situations are not only the most time-consuming and most stressful but are also highly expensive for companies. The purpose of this conference is to provide a pragmatic framework to become aware of our natural reactions in order to provide efficient responses, and to widen our scope to handle disruption attempts successfully.

To contribute to working better together, AlterNego works on inclusive management, quality of life at work, cooperation in labor employer relations and talent management. Jean-Edouard intervenes upstream of negotiations as counsel and downstream of crises as mediator. As an anthropologist, he hosts webinars and lectures. He is the co-author of books and comics, such as “Managing the unmanageable”, “The Gift Revolution” and “The pacific solution”.