Special Focus: Women’s Leadership in the Workplace of Tomorrow

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The future of work is changing in drastic ways and at an unprecedented speed. The expansion of artificial intelligence and robotics has given rise to the need for new skills. Jobs are tending to be increasingly flexible and constant connectivity means that freelancing, remote work and self-employment are growing in popularity. In the corporate world, more and more companies are moving away from top-down hierarchies and toward more collaborative models.

So, what is the place of women’s leadership in this new scenario?

  • Research has shown that women in general tend to have higher emotional intelligence and collaborative skills. Could the future workplace be the ideal environment for women leaders?
  • If flexibility becomes the norm, will this help women leaders achieve work-life balance, or could it increase vulnerability?
  • What is the impact of technology on leadership opportunities for women?
  • What strategies can organizations implement to attract and retain female talent in the future?

Our panel of experts weigh in on these issues.


Anne Loehr: Speaker, writer, consultant and trainer

Deborah France-Massin: Director, Bureau for Employers’ Activities, International Labor Organization

Jacob Morgan: Author, speaker and futurist

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