A closer look at Non-violent Communication

Dare we say it? Could the conflict in our lives (both at home and at work) be brought about not so much as a result of disagreements, but as a result of how we communicate with each other? What is communication anyway? It’s usually defined as when people oscillate between “listening” and “expressing”

Un concept à la loupe : la Communication Non-Violente

Les EVEsien·ne·s ont la chance de connaître la Communication Non-Violente (CNV) grâce aux conférences et ateliers de Thomas d’Ansembourg, qui chaque année font un tabac au séminaire. Mais c’est quoi au juste, cette communication consciente qui initierait « une forme de citoyenneté pacifiée et activement pacifiante » ?
La rédaction du webmagazine EVE a passé le concept à la loupe.

What is wabi-sabi?

We’ve already learned about ikigai, now it’s time to find out about wabi-sabi! The Land of the Rising Sun contributes another approach to developing a balanced relationship with yourself and the world around you. But what exactly is it? The EVE webmagazine team takes a closer look.