EVE International 2018 – 1 week to go: Who’s speaking at the seminar?

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The 9th EVE International seminar opens its doors in Evian on October 2, 2018. But before the big day, we’d like to invite you to get to know some of the key figures who are transforming the leadership of the future, the speakers who are going to be honoring us with their presence and sharing their inspiring messages to bring us some of the keys to implementing change.

Joanna Barsh: Centered leadership

Just as for all the other editions of EVE, participants at the 2018 EVE Program will be able to learn more about the concept of “centered leadership” developed by Joanna Barsh, Associate Director of McKinsey’s New York office.

Inspired by an in-depth study of women in positions of responsibility, this vision of leadership opens up new opportunities for women and men who want change to happen.

Juliann Liu: Finding balance in “human ecology”

As an active practitioner of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga, Juliann Liu combines traditional wisdom techniques with Essential Psychology in her teaching.

As a disciple of human ecology, she presents a vision of human beings as individual ecosystems, whose harmony and balance are their most precious resources.

Patrick Scharnitzky: Changing attitudes to stereotypes and decision-making biases

Diversity expert and consultant and Associate Director of AlterNego Patrick Scharnitzky invites participants to go beyond the feelings of guilt generated by gender stereotypes.

By gaining a better understanding of how these stereotypes impact our decisions, we can prevent their effects on us, and on other people.

Myriam Cohen-Welgryn: Daring to lead by being and staying yourself

With a successful business career, several books under her belt, and outstanding artistic talent… her red glasses were a popular talking point before they became the symbol of her authenticity and confidence! Myriam Cohen-Welgrynone of the very first EVE participants, returns to Evian to share her leadership experience and her vision of daring.

Thomas d’Ansembourg: Nonviolent Communication to be your own authentic self

Highly-renowned conference speaker Thomas d’Ansembourg brought the Non-Violent Communication movement to Europe.

He helps to promote a sustainable vision of human relationships and provides participants with the tools to apply his ideas to their daily lives; a set of methods that help assert your authenticity while contributing to stronger relationships and greater solidarity.

That’s all for now… But we still have lots of other speakers to reveal and plenty of experiences in store for you all at EVE Evian.

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