Ana Paula Vicente

Professional Dancer

Growing up on the islands of Cape Verde, Ana Paula discovered and developed her artistic talent from a young age. With a keen eye for new trends and always on the lookout for creative ideas, she joined her first dance and theater companies during her teenage years in Senegal. When she finally moved to Montreal, her passion for dance soared to new heights. Reaching the finals in the Canadian championship, and as a rising star in dancesport, she soon began teaching and coaching the discipline. During the 26 years she spent in Montreal, she pursued a very active career and family life, excelled on major stages in Quebec, founded her ArribaDance studio and raised her two sons. Ana Paula now manages her second studio, ArribaDance Dakar, and has reconnected with her artistic roots in Africa. Her goal is to share her multicultural experience and knowledge using a physical, rhythmic, feminine, revitalizing, and artistic approach to movement and emotion.