Anne-Charlotte Vuccino

Founder of YOGIST - Well At Work

Yogist – Well at Work is a French start-up that was created in 2015 by Anne-Charlotte Vuccino to share the first “corporate yoga” method.

A graduate of HEC Paris with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in international management, Anne Charlotte discovered yoga after a serious road accident which left her disabled. She rehabilitated herself using this ancestral discipline and set aside her career in business to spread the benefits within the world of work. She designed the Yogist method to prevent and relieve the stress-related tension caused by working on a screen and a sedentary lifestyle. The exercises can be performed while seated and in ordinary clothing. With approval from osteopaths and psycho-ergonomists, Anne-Charlotte Vuccino has published two books: Comme un Yogist (2016) and Pauses YOGIST (2020). The Yogist method offers a preventive approach to occupational health and is straightforward and accessible to all. Having tested the method, more than 60,000 employees now use it. Yogist trains leaders, managers and employees in techniques that prevent work-related illnesses. With its digital bodyguard and training program of tools for high quality of life at work, YOGIST makes your office a healthy place to work!