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EVE goes on after EVE…

Get to know the seminar speakers better through their books. Here is the library for EVE International 2017


Joanna Barsh — Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact & How remarkable women lead

The entire “Centered Leadership” approach developed by Joanna Barsh can be found in the book she published in 2014, which combines theory AND practice. Joanna Barsh has also written another book on women’s leadership, following the results of a major survey on international women directors.




Patrick Scharnitzky — Les stéréotypes en entreprise: Les comprendre pour mieux les apprivoiser (understanding corporate stereotypes to bring them under control)

A spot of healthy reading to keep in mind how cognitive bias works, and how to prevent it from making decisions for you.  Patrick Scharnitzky  is also the author of Manager la diversité, dépasser les stéréotypes (managing diversity, going beyond stereotypes), an audio masterclass.





Martial Vidaud— Une seconde d’avance: Travailler plus efficacement en pleine conscience (A step ahead, working more effectively with mindfulness)

All the benefits of how practicing mindfulness can improve attention span and productivity, and create more sustainable relationships. And of course, practical advice from Martial Vidaud  and his co-authors on how to apply this approach every day.




Frédérique Bedos — La petite fille à la balançoire (the little girl on the swing)

Frédérique Bedos gave a moving account for EVE participants about her childhood and her family. Her valuable testimony about the super powers of love can also be found in her autobiography.






Jean-Edouard Grésy — La Révolution du don – le management repensé à la lumière de l’anthropologie & Gérer les ingérables : L’art et la science de la négociation au service de relations durables. The revolution of giving — rethinking management from the perspective of anthropology & Managing the unmanageables: Using the art and science of negotiation to build lasting relationships.

Legal anthropologist and expert in the thinking of Marcel Mauss, Jean-Edouard Grésy has co-authored a neo-essay on giving with Alain Caillé, as a vector for social relationships. This form of anti-utilitarian thinking focuses shared interests on human relationships. The book expands on the insight presented by Jean-Edouard Grésy in his work on negotiations and “unmanageable personalities”. He has also co-authored a highly praised work in France on psychosocial risk with Ricardo Perez-Nuckel and Philippe Emont.



Chékeba Hachemi — L’insolente de Kaboul (the bold woman of Kabul)

Experience the full power of Chekeba Hashemi’s account of her escape from Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, and her career as the leader of an NGO and a diplomat in her book whose title perfectly echoes the character of this exemplary woman: The bold woman of Kabul.





Thomas d’Ansembourg — Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real!

The star speaker on Non-Violent Communication, Thomas Ansembourg, is also the author of an international best-seller: Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real! An illustrated edition was published in 2014. Thomas d’Ansembourg is also the author of  Being Happy Is Not Always Comfortable, Peace Is Possible and several other books on the subjects of authenticity and the dynamics of sustainable inner calm.




Sylvie Bernard Curie & Christophe Deval –  Vous avez tout pour réussir & Simplifiez vos relations avec les autres (You already have what you need to succeed & Simplify your relationships with others)

Co-leaders of a workshop on values that are directly inspired by the ACT approach, Sylvie Bernard-Curie and Christophe Deval, develop their thinking and make use of practical cases by means of two co-authored works: You already have what you need to succeed& Simplify your relationships with others. Identify your innermost aspirations and practice your ability to take action in real life.




Florence Servan-Schreiber —Power Patate & 3 kifs par jour (Power potato & 3 delights a day)

Watch out for this best seller! The “3 kifs” (3 delights) method developed by Florence Servan-Schreiber to cultivate happiness and have a positive impact on your environment is available in book form: in a fun and playful test accompanied by practical advice  and training exercises but also in La Fabrique à kifs (the delight factory), a booklet that expands on the work of the same name and in Dîner de kifs, (dinner of delights), a collection of recipes from the kitchen of happiness. And for even more positive psychology: Power Patate (power potato) of course!



Anne-Charlotte Vuccino – Comme un yogist (like a yogist)

Yoga at work (to relax, recharge, refocus, re-energize, etc.) is the hallmark of Anne-Charlotte Vuccino. In Comme un yogist, she presents all the postures and simple techniques that can be used wherever you are (at the office, but also in the car, on public transport etc.) to identify and prevent stress-related disorders.