Alioune Ndiaye

General Manager of Sonatel Group and Chairman of the Board of Orange Mali, Orange Bissau, Orange Sierra Leone

Alioune Ndiaye is quiet and discreet, but has gentle and impressive inner strength. Since his appointment as head of Sonatel in 2012, Mr. Ndiaye has enabled the company to consolidate its position as the undisputed leader of telecoms in West Africa, and has managed to make an exponential increase in the turnover of Sonatel group, from nearly 600 billion to more than 900 billion CFA. As an important cog in Sonatel’s inner workings, Alioune Ndiaye has risen through all the financial ranks since 1988, becoming Chief Financial Officer from 1992 to 2002, at which point he took on responsibility for the Orange Mali subsidiary (ex-Ikatel), from its creation until 2012. Under his leadership, Orange Mali has become the number one operator on its market, with more than 7 million customers. The Sonatel group now has almost 30 million customers in five countries (Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone).
Alioune Ndiaye holds a two-year university diploma (DEUG) in Mathematics, a Master’s degree in Management Sciences and a postgraduate degree (DESS) in Telecommunications Management from the University of Paris IX Dauphine and he is also a graduate of Télécom Sud Paris, where he studied Telecommunications Management.