Nicole Abar

Throughout her professional career, Nicole won 8 French championship titles between 1977 and 1987 and ended as the best striker of the championship in 1983.

After she gets the necessary diplomas, Nicole creates a women’s football club in Bagneux that began at the lowest level of competition. When she left the club in 2004, it had gone up to the national second division. She continued her coach career at the Toulouse Football Club in the first division, as technical manager of all the women’s teams and coach of the first team, which was 4 times French champion and semi-finalist of the European League.

Her engagement for an equal access to women and men to sports led her to create the association “Liberté Aux Joueuses – L.A.J” which allowed, for the first time in France in 2003, to impose sanctions on a football club for sex discrimination. In the same time, she built an education project for equality between girls and boys by using sports, speech and drawing.

After she was employee of La Poste and France Telecom, Nicole at last succeeded in making sport her job by joining in 2000 the Ministry of Sports. Her first function, as the project leader of the national mission “Women and Sport”, led her to promote specific actions notably in favour of women’s sport practice, of access to positions of responsibility and to assume the representation of France inside international authorities, forums and conferences. As a manager in the civil service, she is since 2004, manager of high level sport and professional sport at the Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion Regional Direction in Midi-Pyrenees in Toulouse.