Michel Cassé

He is director of research and scientific adviser at the Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission (Astrophysics/ DSM/DAPNIA departments) and associate research scientist at the AstrophysicsInstitute of Paris.

He is a scientific adviser for Odile Jacob Editions.

He advises the director of the Cartier Foundation for Modern Art at the occasion of a future exhibition about mathematical abstraction provisionally entitled “A sudden change of scene (imagination and mathematics)”.

His scientific specialties are nuclear astrophysics, gamma astronomy, cosmology, matter and dark energy.

He currently tries to highlight the radiation of black holes predicted by Stephen Hawking, through their emission of gamma rays. He uses the data of the last satellite launched by the NASA in summer 2008, FERMI.

He wrote many books:

Trous noirs en pleine lumière, Paris : Odile Jacob, 2009.

Energie noire, matière noire, Paris : Odile Jacob, 2004.

Enfants du ciel : entre vide, lumière, matière, Paris : Odile Jacob, 2003.

Stellar Alchemy : The Celestial Origin of Atoms, Cambridge : Cambridge University
Press, 2003 (Généalogie de la matière : retour aux sources célestes des éléments, Paris : Odile Jacob, 2000).

Du vide et de la création, Paris : Odile Jacob, 1993.