Eric Brun-Sanglard

Born in France, he moves to Boston at the age of 18 where he gets a degree in mass communication, then to Los Angeles where he becomes an art director in advertising.
He participates in the creation of a new technique in magazine fragrance sampling.

In 1995, Eric loses his eye sight due to a viral infection. In the middle of remodeling his own home at that time, he decides to reappropriate his own, and discovers a new “language” to do so, he realises that sight is not a pre requisit to have visions. He then re-invents himself in a new career, and launches his own architecture and interior design company called “the Blind Designer”, which is an immediate success.
Very fashionable in Los Angeles, he chooses colours and shapes of the homes that he decorates by feeling and touching them. He decides to answer the many questions he is often asked by creating a weekly TV program, Designing Blind. The program shows that by refitting their homes, he helps his customers to resolve some of their emotional problems.

Now back in France, he publishes his memoirs untitled “Au-delà de ma nuit” and starres in a special prime time in Téva Déco. He continues as a speaker and coaches large companies as well as private customers.