Jiang Qiong Er

Shang Xia Artistic Director and CEO

As Artistic Director and CEO of Shang Xia, Ms. Jiang Qiong Er is a Chinese contemporary designer of international reputation infusing the subtlety, beauty and heritage of Chinese culture. Her designs breathe elegance of innovation and imagination. Her international vision and open mind, along with her multi-cultural background, naturally allow her creativity to express itself; preserving and respecting tradition, both Eastern and Western. After graduation from Tong Ji University in Art & Design, she went on to the Decorative Arts School in Paris to further her studies in furniture and interior design. Ms. Jiang experimented with many techniques and found in her double culture an eternal source of inspiration. Her work mingles techniques, intermingles references and bridges provocative traditions with a modern language. Through her work the inspiration of the long history of China can be found. Understanding more and more Chinese craftsmanship and the deft skills of these craftsmen, Ms. Jiang was touched by the power and beauty of their work. This became the impetus of the dream to have the world appreciate the craftsmanship and design of China. Together with Hermes group, Ms. Jiang set up Shang Xia in 2008.