Helen Haynes

Paris’ first mind-body centre “et votre corps sourit”,was created in 2004 by Anne Thevenet-Abitbol (Prospects and New Concepts Director for Danone) and Helen Haynes. The centre offers a range of holistic and well-being methods such as Pilates, Yoga and Taï Chi.

Helen worked in the fitness field for 15 years before moving onto personal training using more gentler methods (stability ball, Pilates…) that were, at the time, unknown to the French public.

Helen remains on the cutting edge in the field of exercise and at the same time is deeply inspired and influenced by the older, ancestral techniques such as Yoga and Qi Gong particularly for their impact on reducing stress and increasing well-being.
Helen is also a fully qualified and experienced massage therapist.

Helen Haynes is co-author (with Isabelle Sansonetti, journaliste of Elle magazine) of a book on personal training “Ma Forme et Moi, Jamais sans Mon Coach” (Plon) and created 2 stability ball exercise DVD’s for “et votre corps sourit”.