Viviane Amar

Principal of Leading Leaders Intl Ltd, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Viviane Amar is a worldwide consultant practicing cultural change through Women, sharing her concepts in the “Women Contributive Leadership Journey”. She has worked on Executive Leadership Coaching for the past 27 years in America, Asia and Europe.

Author of the book “Pouvoir et Leadership” Pearson Group, articles and interviews, Viviane is recognized as one of the innovative specialists on Women’s Leadership and is invited by international players as a keynote speaker and change catalyst.

For the last thirteen years, she developed a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach on women’s leadership linking evolutionary psychology, cultures, psycho-sociology and neurosciences, as well as bringing coherence between collective and personal history and a contributive style culminating in Mentoring cultures. She helps bring in clients positive changes of attitudes through evolution of paradigms, values, beliefs and business initiatives. Viviane shares with participants simple and powerful strategic tools that improve on Emotional Maturity and overall performance.

A specialist of culture and strategy implementation, she answers to specific needs related to Leadership Performance and Governance. She has contributed to pre-mergers and mergers successes involving cultural change on a continent level, coaching and mentoring Executives.

Member of “Who’s Who International Professional.”