Pascale Henry-Deguirmendjian

Pascale Henry-Deguirmendjian is executive Coach from HEC, trainer and founder of CRYSALEAD, company of coaching & training, specialist in the personal wellbeing development aligned withcompany performance goals.

She was Finance Director during more than 20 years, managing and leading international teams, occupying diverse operational positions within international companies.

She created training programs for the “Et votre corps sourit” Danone gym and wellbeing center, based on her own collaborators management and accompaniment experiment for more than 10 years.

She accompanies today leaders, managers and their teams for them to grow personally in order to unlock their leadership potential by developing their individual charisma, ambition and their intuition.
She creates a breakthrough concept called “WellNess(TM) Room”: a specific space implemented in the heart of the company offices, access free to the collaborators for Coaching and Formation sessions, know as Open -Coaching and Open-Training.
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