Amina Slaoui

AMH group president

Amina had a bike accident in Costa Rica in 1992. A fall from a bridge while she was going to the beach with her husband instantly paralyzed her and changed her life. Then followed a short period of rehabilitation and suffering. The need to put meaning into her actions becomes obvious. Today, she embodies the fight against disability and inequalities through her involvement with the AMH group (formerly known as the Friendly Moroccan Disabled), a leader in social entrepreneurship in Morocco. The AMH group has 25,000 beneficiaries and intervenes in the fields of health, social action, education and training, and advocacy. In 2015 she was awarded several prizes, including the Schwab Foundation’s “Social Entrepreneur of the Year”.
Amina also created in 2003, with other founding members, the International Association Since 2013, she has chaired the Tahar Sebti Institution, a school and training institution, and created bridges between school and disability. Amina is married and mother of 4.